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Tron (the original) has always been one of my wife’s favorite movies. In the ’80s, there was a Tron arcade game at most arcades. My wife always wanted one. For her birthday one year, I decided to get her one. After much research, I decided to build her one instead. Over a period of two months, I collected some original parts on ebay, purchased new arcade control systems and built the cabinet. Keeping everything in the garage, I was able to keep it a secret. Because it was not the same size as the original arcade game, I had to recreate all of the printed graphics to fit my machine. Eventually, when it was all ready, I prepared to assemble it in our basement. It was designed around a 24″ CRT television I bought new. The cabinet was too big and too heavy to assemble and get down the narrow stairs to the basement. I had to bring it down, piece by piece and assemble it before she got home from work.

I designed the control panel art and printed it out in b&w to make sure it
was all correct prior to having it printed in color on vinyl.

I did it and gave her a big surprise for her birthday when she got home. Now, she not only has an arcade that looks like Tron, it plays the original video game through MAME. Along with thousands of other games available, we have arcade time every Friday night.

When we moved to our new house, I decided to modernize the machine. I got a 24″ flat screen TV which allowed me to cut the depth of the cabinet in half.

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