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Officially titled the Technology Visioning Workshop, this was an internal project at Andersen Consulting that wrapped in 1999. The application was developed in Andersen’s Center for Strategic Technology (CST) in Palo Alto, CA. It was to be used to present to fortune 500 companies and show them what Andersen Consulting’s technology group could do for their company.

The project started out as a small presentation to be shown at a global conference. As it developed, it turned into an in-house spectacular. Starting out on a single screen, the project blossomed into a presentation that spanned 3 screens. Rear projected onto a curved screen that spanned 30 feet, it required a specially built computer and projection system to operate. As the project grew, so did the demand for designers to help out. We brought in designers from several states to help complete the project. One was a 3D artist on the popular game Riven. In the end there were 15 designers working on the project to assure that the deadline was met. Managing the designers, the design, programming and technical build of the presentation room meant not leaving the office for almost 2 weeks straight. Thank goodness for delivery food and dry cleaners.

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